Cathy endorsed by the Norwich Bulletin!

posted Oct 23, 2012, 5:39 PM by Sam Gilchrist
Our View: Osten: A strong, independent voice
Norwich, Conn. —

In the 19th Senatorial District contest to replace retiring state Sen. Edith Prague, D-Columbia, we endorse Sprague Democratic First Selectman Catherine Osten.

As first selectman, Osten has demonstrated the sound fiscal judgment needed to hold the line on property taxes during difficult economic times while at the same time continuing to invest in her community’s infrastructure needs.

As a regional leader, Osten was selected to serve on the governor’s Two Storm Panel that investigated and recommended changes in response to the two storms that knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents last year.

And she has been, and continues to be an outspoken advocate for the young and old, working families and the poor. She is determined, dedicated and independent.

Her opponent, state Rep. Christopher Coutu, R-Norwich, cast the single No vote against a jobs bill, a $600 million bipartisan effort last year to jump start a sluggish economic recovery. Coutu says it was an act of courage.

It wasn’t, but it epitomizes an unwillingness to compromise and the kind of political posturing that he has exhibited many times in his four years in the House, such as suing the governor and Democratic leadership alleging a violation of the State Constitution in enacting an unbalanced budget, having himself several weeks earlier done the exact same thing in voting for an unbalanced budget.

We also find his disdain that he has shown for his opponent unbecoming and unnecessary, and in particular his criticism of her state pension — which she earned as a Correctional Department officer.

Two yearsago in a similar match-up, we endorsed Coutu over Osten while expressing our concern regarding her unwavering support of state employee unions in an even more difficult economic climate that required state unions to make major concessions.

Osten’s strong declaration that she owes no apologies to anyone for sticking up for working men and women is, in our opinion, admirable, and we are confident today that if elected she will serve the best interests of all Connecticut’s citizens.

Voters in the 19th Senatorial District will be well represented with the election of Catherine Osten.

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