Osten Campaign Qualifies for Citizens’ Election Program

posted Jul 27, 2012, 7:44 AM by Elect Osten

SPRAGUE, JULY 25, 2012: Cathy Osten, First Selectman in the Town of Sprague and candidate for state Senate in the 19th District, has been approved for public financing through the Citizens’ Election Program.

As stated in a recent press release from the State Elections Enforcement Commission, “The Citizens’ Election Program is a revolutionary program that allows qualifying candidates for the General Assembly to receive full public financing. To qualify for public financing, candidates must demonstrate they have sufficient support from their constituents. Participating candidates may only accept small dollar contributions from individual human beings—the maximum contribution is $100—and no contributions from state contractors, PACs, unions or corporations.”

In order to qualify, a state Senate candidate must raise at least $15,000. 300 individual contributions must come from residents in their district.

Osten, endorsed by retiring Senator Edith Prague to carry on her legacy of dedication to seniors and working families, said, “The exceptional people of the 19th have humbled me with their support.” 

Osten has pledged to honor that support by continuing to fight for the residents of all ten towns of the Senate district.